Ascot Removals & StorageSo why choose Ascot Storage? Well, we are helpful and friendly, we can give you the exact cubic measurement of the storage you require, we provide and tell you exactly how much it will cost you for the period you need. We don’t try and lure you in with a cheap deal that then doubles after the first 4 weeks and ends up costing you more than you should have paid. Our storage location is secure, clean, dry and has the liability cover that will help you sleep at night, we are not located in the middle of a busy city.

Ascot Storage… a bit more space when you need it!

Storage start from 1 week onwards and can be as long-term as you need.

Storage in warehouse offers:
175 Cubic FT storage containers
250 Cubic FT standard removal storage containers
325 Cubic FT storage containers

We can also supply storage in shipping containers (40ft and 20ft) to suit your needs.
If you need more storage than these sizes or have special requirements we can accommodate your needs large or small, just call us today at 07887 615861.